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Afriten Technologies
Address: Mibar Park. Unit 18, 52 Dublin Road, Lombardy West, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Short Business Description: Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Long Business Description:

Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bringing Innovative Technology Solutions to the Eventing, Exhibition, Corporate and Retail Markets. Our team has over 15 years of experience in this space. Our technology solutions are available on both purchase and hire models.

In a market with many providers of very similar products and in a modern society that is continuously becoming more and more difficult to impress, Afriten Technologies differentiated itself by becoming a one-of-a-kind unique AV Technology company by seeking out global providers of innovative Audio Visual Technologies, that have never been seen before on the African continent. Effectively bringing Tomorrows Technology to the Market… Today!

Afriten’s technology products seek to create attention and awareness amongst customers and guest of your brand. Enabling your brand or product to stand out from the advertising clutter. Ensuring your product or brand is top of mind and remembered for longer.

Some of Afriten Technologies Products and Digital Solutions:

3D Holographic Display Technology.
3D HoloSPiN 3D Hologram Fan Display
3D Holographic Gauze and Mesh Projections
3D Holographic Stage – Hologram On Stage Solution
Virtual Reality Services in South Africa
Virtual Reality Headset Rental and Sales
Virtual Reality Content Development
Touch Screen Supplier
Touch Screen Rentals
Touch Screen Kiosks
Augmented Reality Apps
Virtual Events
Virtual Expos
Virtual Conferences
Interactive and Digital Touch Technologies Available for Rental in South Africa.
On-site Digital Event Registration
Event Registration Kiosks
Coffee Foam Printer
Digital Graffiti Wall
Auto Bar – Robotic Bartender System
Temperature Monitoring Screens and Solutions
Exhibition Companies in South Africa
Upcoming Exhibitions in South Africa
Exhibitions News in South Africa
Expos South Africa
Exhibition calendar
Mobile Bar Companies
Mobile Coffee Bar Hire
Virtual Presenter
Talking Posters South Africa
Interactive Projected Floor
interactive Projected Walls
Interactive LED Floor Displays

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Business Phone Number: (072) 048-6586
Business Fax: (086) 750-3238
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Kays Exhibition Stands
Address: Kays Exhibition Stands, Mibar Park. Unit 18, 52 Dublin Road, Lombardy West, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Short Business Description: Kays Exhibition Stands are one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in custom exhibition stand builds.. Always delivering an award-winning expo stand design!
Long Business Description:

Kays Exhibition Stands is a leading exhibition stand building company in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in custom exhibition stand builds. Our team deliver outstanding creative custom expo stand designs.

we are well resourced with equipment and vehicles able to operate and build your expo stands on a full national basis around South Africa, With our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as regional support in other provinces in South Africa, such as Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Rest assured that we can handle any requirement handed to us, big or small!

Our team has over 15 years experience in the Exhibition Stand building industry. We source the best materials locally to build and manufacture your custom expo stand of choice making sure we incorporate the design concept to make a true award-winning build.

You do not need to worry about any logistics as our project management and installation team will manage the transportation, buildups, installation and breakdowns of your expo stand – all in a professional manner and ensuring agreed timelines and guidelines are met.

We use technology platforms to showcase brand innovation and to ensure your brand stands out from the advertising clutter. Our goal is to ensure that your company stands out from competitor brands at your next exhibition, conference or congress that you attend.

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Business Phone Number: (072) 048-6586
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Shared Kitchen Co.
Long Business Description:

Leading delivery only kitchen company in south Africa. Home of Delivery Only Restaurants in South Africa. Open a delivery-only restaurant today!

The virtual kitchen concept is shaking up the restaurant industry worldwide, it is already attracting Billions of Dollars of investment from food and tech industry leaders and with over 4,000 delivery-only restaurants in America alone already listed on leading food delivery apps such as Uber Eats.

The cloud kitchen concept is set to become the biggest hot trend in the restaurant business globally, shaking up the industry by cutting costs dramatically and making it easier for entrepreneurs to get into the food delivery business. The food delivery market is worth over $35 billion per year in the USA alone, and that figure keeps growing annually.

Shared Kitchen Co. is one of the first companies in South Africa that is bringing the new booming cloud kitchen concept to South Africa to you!. Shared Kitchen Company in South Africa has a goal to become the leading Cloud Kitchen company in South Africa with a network hub growing over many locations and through all the main cities, hubs throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and many more locations.

Enquire now to rent a shared commercial delivery-only kitchen today!

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David Tenowitz
Long Business Description:

I am a digital-savvy techpreneur with a vast interest, experience, knowledge and passion in business management, technology, digital marketing, innovation, e commerce, social media and customer service. I eat, sleep and play in the digital and innovation space.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in this space with over 10 years experience working in leading roles at audiovisual, technology, development and productions companies. Having worked with 100’s of blue chip brands in various sectors. This has allowed me to gain vital experience and has given me the opportunity to possess a particular technical expertise in a field that not many individuals have played in as long as I have.

I own my an Innovative AV Technology company called Afriten Technologies that specialises in providing unique technology platforms as well as digital content creation and management solutions to brands/clients. We provide our clients with the latest in innovation to make their brand stand out from the advertising clutter and more importantly that their brand is therefore remembered much longer and seen as leading in innovative in their industry. Their campaigns are more memorable as they combine a personal hands-on 360 interactive brand experience.

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Maverick Website Design and SEO Company South Africa
Address: Mibar Park, Unit 18, 52 Dublin Road
Long Business Description:


Website Design

We create SEO Friendly CMS Websites with On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Our custom designed websites are built in a CMS system such as WordPress, allowing our customers to update their websites themselves easily and as needed.S

EO Search Engine Optimization

We start off by assessing your current online and Google ranking presence, check what keywords you rank for and your domain age, domain authority and keyword/s difficulty.

We then take a look at what your competitors are doing and how well they are ranking for any keywords, if they are ranking higher then you, then we look at what and how they are achieving those results. We assess what keywords you are wanting to rank for, what their difficulty is and how long it can ideally take to rank for them. We then compile a full SEO strategy on how we can rank you up on those keywords to the first page with a goal to take you to the number 1 organic listing on Google searches result pages.

It can take anything from hours to 1 month or up to 9 months to achieve your maximum Google Ranking. It depends on many factors such as the ones listed above.

Our SEO services and packages are generally done on a monthly retainer, allowing us to tackle a couple of keywords at a time and update content on a weekly basis, monitor and track results and performance with our clients as we make progress.

Website Content Creation

Our SEO monthly SEO services include re-writing of all your website content, ensuring all your pages have a sufficient amount of SEO friendly content to rank well. We also publish at least 1 new article or blog post per week based on the SEO Pricing Package that you have selected.

Our promise to you and guarantee

We are confident in our abilities that we always implement a guarantee to you, should results not be met and achieved as per our initial agreements, we then work for free until goals are met. This sets us apart from our competitors.

We develop digital brand strategies, products and services that matter to your target group by engagement, sales and loyalty.Johannesburg SEO, SEO Agency South Africa, SEO Companies, SEO Services and combinations thereof are very competitive “Search Engine Optimization” related keywords when searching the Google Search Engine in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.If Maverick Website Design and SEO can rank for 100’s of keywords against our competition, imagine what we can do for your website and business going forward…If your businesses website is not on page 1 of Google (without using Google Adwords) for your business, products and/or services, then you are definitely losing out on a large amount of daily online traffic to your competitors. We can help you fix this today!

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Talking Posters South Africa.

Interactive Virtual Printed Promoters ready to sell your product at any time and in any environment! Great for Retail, Malls and In-Store!

What is a Talking Poster?

A Talking Poster is a branded banner or virtual standee made to look like a replica real person to act as a virtual presenter, virtual sales person, virtual marketing  or virtual training tool/medium.

Talking Posters are made to be easy to use, plug and play into 1 standard plug point, have a motion sensor to trigger a call to action when a customer walks past, conductive buttons positioned behind the talking poster made to any button size and a speaker to provide 360 sound.

Lets talk a virtual promoter as an example in-store:

A customer walks past a cut our virtual printed person with or without the product printed next to them or virtual character which is a life-size human standee.
The talking poster senses the customer passing when they are in close proximity and plays a call to action sound clip.
“Good day, want to find out more about our Cereal? Tap one of my areas/buttons/markers to find out more about my cereal or solution”

Realistic Human cut out standees with interactive motion sensors, button, speakers in malls, retail and in-store.

Printed Virtual Presenter Solution.

Digital Virtual Presenter Solution.

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Business Phone Number: 0720486586
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The Online Maverick South Africa
Long Business Description:

The Online Maverick South Africa.

The online home for business professionals in South Africa.


Maverick Online Casinos – Online Casino Betting Strategy, Guides, Tips and Bonuses.

Life of a Maverick – Property, living, Family, menswear and fine dining in Maverick Style.

Climbing the Maverick Business Ladder – Ultimate Guides to Maverick business success.

Business Directories and listings in South Africa to assist entrepreneurs in growing their online footprint.

The Fast and the Maverick – The car, watch and jewellery that a Maverick should own.

Investing like a Maverick – An online guide to making the right investment decisions.

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Mzansi Top 10 south Africa.

Welcome to the Mzansi top 10.

The online home for the top 10 of everything in South Africa.

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa Songs

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa Businesses

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa Directories

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa entrepreneurs

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa cars, watches and jewellery that a Maverick should own.

Mzansi Top 10 South Africa online guide to investments.


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Randburg Dental Centre
Address: 125 Bram Fischer Drive, Ferndale Randburg, Johannesburg.
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

At the Randburg Dental Centre our guiding principle is that the patients’ well-being always comes first. All of the Dentists practising at the Centre have extensive experience and prioritise providing high quality care and excellent service. We use state of the art technology and only the best materials. We treat each patient as an individual and will do whatever it takes to deliver excellent work ethically and with absolute integrity and honesty. We are situated on a main road (Bram Fischer Drive) with easy access and parking and a full-time security guard.

About us

Catering to all of your dental needs and desires
The randburg dental centre has been providing dental care and assistance for over 30 years. The team comprises four experienced dentists and two dental hygienists.

Our clinic is proud to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

Teeth Whitening
Whitening of the teeth is a procedure for which there is great demand, as research has shown that when a person’s face is looked at, after noticing the eyes, the teeth are the next feature to be analysed subconsciously by the observer.

Teeth Cleaning
Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth, which is responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.

General Dentistry
Check-ups followed by the necessary restorative work if needed.

Randburg Dental Centre located right in your neighbourhood. Get directions and information for our Centre.

To make an appointment phone 011 789 1056 and talk to our receptionists.

All the dentists and oral hygienists are experienced, and deal with patients in as caring a manner as is possible

Mission & Values
Our guiding principle is that the patients well-being always comes first.
Our integrated health care system provides exceptional care.
Our passion is attentive innovative dentistry & specialist treatment. Your care is our passion!

We submit accounts directly to most Medical Aids where possible. | A co-payment may be added for certain procedures, but the patient will be informed of this when applicable. | Please do not hesitate to discuss any financial issues with us.


Treatment of children
Teeth Restoration
Teeth Cleaning
Root Canal Treatment
Placements of crowns or dentures, after the initial work completed by a specialist
Placement of crowns and dentures where indicated
Orthodontic treatment by Dr Francesco Ferretti a highly regarded specialist orthodontist
Ongoing maintenance of oral health through regular check-ups
Instructions in oral hygiene.
Aesthetic dentistry including tooth whitening and crowning

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Business Phone Number: (011) 789-1056
Cool Ideas
Address: 3rd Floor, 1 Sturdee ave (Basement entrance in Baker street) Rosebank, Johannesburg
Long Business Description:


Fibre To the Home
We were one of the first Internet Service Providers that put up our hand to supply services as a Fibre-To-The-Home ISP in Parkhurst. FTTH stands for Fibre To The Home. It is an idea of bringing high speed networking i.e. high speed internet, digital television and telephone services to residences using fiber optic cables.The fiber network delivers true high speed broadband services that will be able to deliver up to 1Gbps ( gigabit per second). This is around 10 to 200 times faster than DSL broadband services.

Fibre To The Business
We started offering fibre to the business in Rosebank and from there we are growing to more areas. FTTB stands for Fibre To The Business. It is an idea of bringing high speed networking i.e. high speed internet, digital television and telephone services to businesses using fiber optic cables.With great offerings like a static IP address, service level agreements and other amazing perks, businesses are getting high speed uncapped and unshaped internet at an affordable rate.

VOIP Telephones
We supply corded and cordless VoIP phones that run on your fibre to replace your analogue land line phones. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The VoIP phones run directly on your internet line and there is no need for an additional telephone line as well as an internet line. The technology used in VoIP dedicates a distinct voice channel to each individual conversation that is underway. VoIP has more affordable rates and is the future of telecommunications!

We are a tight-knit team of passionate individuals who are on a mission to bring the best high speed, uncapped and unshaped internet to you at an affordable rate. We were one of the first Internet Service Providers that put up our hand to supply services as a Fibre-to-the-Home ISP in Parkhurst. In conjunction with Vumatel, Fibrehoods, DFA and Octotel we will bring the residents of select suburbs, world class connectivity with world class support.

When does an Idea become cool? When two cool dudes get together and launch a company called Cool Ideas. After a few years of deep thought, Cool Ideas was formally launched in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011 by founding partners Andre Jooste and Paul Butschi. Between the two partners, a wealth of IT knowledge, networking strategies and LINUX operating systems expertise was unleashed to our cool clients. With a keen belief that fibre was the future they have taken us forward into that future.

At Cool Ideas our company culture is really important. We work hard together and we play hard together. Through this we have become a strongly bonded team that strives to do great things together. We believe that customer service is key and that working efficiently as a team is what gives us our edge. All members of our team learn all they can about the various aspects of Cool Ideas and thus become a friendly trove of information for our clients.

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Business Phone Number: Tel: 010-593-2665 Alt: 010-900-3000
Business Fax: 086-542-8086
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