David Tenowitz
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I am a digital-savvy techpreneur with a vast interest, experience, knowledge and passion in business management, technology, digital marketing, innovation, e commerce, social media and customer service. I eat, sleep and play in the digital and innovation space.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in this space with over 10 years experience working in leading roles at audiovisual, technology, development and productions companies. Having worked with 100’s of blue chip brands in various sectors. This has allowed me to gain vital experience and has given me the opportunity to possess a particular technical expertise in a field that not many individuals have played in as long as I have.

I own my an Innovative AV Technology company called Afriten Technologies that specialises in providing unique technology platforms as well as digital content creation and management solutions to brands/clients. We provide our clients with the latest in innovation to make their brand stand out from the advertising clutter and more importantly that their brand is therefore remembered much longer and seen as leading in innovative in their industry. Their campaigns are more memorable as they combine a personal hands-on 360 interactive brand experience.

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