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Talking Posters South Africa.

Interactive Virtual Printed Promoters ready to sell your product at any time and in any environment! Great for Retail, Malls and In-Store!

What is a Talking Poster?

A Talking Poster is a branded banner or virtual standee made to look like a replica real person to act as a virtual presenter, virtual sales person, virtual marketing  or virtual training tool/medium.

Talking Posters are made to be easy to use, plug and play into 1 standard plug point, have a motion sensor to trigger a call to action when a customer walks past, conductive buttons positioned behind the talking poster made to any button size and a speaker to provide 360 sound.

Lets talk a virtual promoter as an example in-store:

A customer walks past a cut our virtual printed person with or without the product printed next to them or virtual character which is a life-size human standee.
The talking poster senses the customer passing when they are in close proximity and plays a call to action sound clip.
“Good day, want to find out more about our Cereal? Tap one of my areas/buttons/markers to find out more about my cereal or solution”

Realistic Human cut out standees with interactive motion sensors, button, speakers in malls, retail and in-store.

Printed Virtual Presenter Solution.

Digital Virtual Presenter Solution.

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